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Canterbury Roofing and Building Conservation Work

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive technical and contractual service with regard to any aspect of building restoration, from brickwork re-pointing, to mathmatical tiling to cleaning and conservation of stone or brick. Although when altering or extending a listed building it must be remembered that will require Listed Building Consent from the local council.

We will also strive to ensure the survival of all original architectural details, to encourage the re-use of existing materials wherever possible and ensure the reproduction of all original detailing in our projects.

Moreover, our roofers are renowned for their expertise in the ancient art of Kent peg tiling. The Kent peg is a very specialised form of roofing it's use being much preferred on Listed Buildings in Kent. Every tile is hand-made and is a different shape and/or texture and each bonnet and ridge tile needs to be carefully placed so as to ensure the correct finish..